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Skins so yummy you want to lick them! Get your mind out of the gutter, we’re talking about candy here! If you haven’t heard, the Candy Fair opened today and runs through October 18th.

I have three delicious new skins that are Candy Fair exclusives!   These skins will be available exclusively at the Liliskins Candy Fair booth until the Fair ends.  After that, they will be available in the store.  Currently, you can pick up the demos in the store if you’re unable to enter the Candy Fair sims!  Here they are in their edible yumminess!

Liliskins Ad - Candy Cane

Liliskins Ad - Candy Sprinkles

Liliskins Ad - Candy Corn

All three skins come with all 7 skin tones, 2 cleavage options (natural cleavage and enhanced cleavage), 3 brow color options, 5 modifiable brow shapers, and a modifiable shape that is pre-made in 3 of the most popular mesh body sizes – S, M and L.

Liliskins is on Sim 3, which is Candy Cove. Here’s the SLURL to the cute little candy house where you can find these sweet skins: Candy Cove 183, 124, 21

There are other goodies there as well, and some freebies, as well as loads of other amazing creators and designs. The sims are so cute, you just have to stop by and see all the hard work that was put into everything. I’m really proud to have been a part of this event, and I cannot say enough great things about the organizers of this Fair. It has by far been one of the easiest, smoothest, most fabulously run events of this size I have ever been a part of. And in 7 years of SL, that’s saying a LOT! Do stop by and take advantage of everything this event has to offer, and grab some really yummy things while you’re there!