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There’s a new release available at the Summer Break Festival for only 99L$! There are also 4 other skins there for 50% off during the Festival only, and only at that location, so stop by and get them while it’s hot!

Sunny is a new skin, with an exclusive skin tone, Golden Bronze!  This skin, in this skin tone, will NOT be available after the Summer Break Festival.  The makeup will be available in the regular skin tones in the store after the Festival ends, but not this exclusive skin tone, so pick it up for the super low price of 99L$ while you can!
Liliskins Ad - Sunny Joyride Golden Bronze Exclusive

You can purchase this exclusive skin at the Liliskins cart here.

It comes with the following options:
❤ 2 cleavage options
❤ 3 brow colors
❤ modifiable shape in 3 premade mesh standard sizes (S, M, L)
❤ 3 modifiable brow shapers